Newfoundland provides trip of a lifetime

Newfoundland provides trip of a lifetime
Hunting came early for Margaret Ann and I, but we had to travel 6,602 miles to get there. The trip to Newfoundland lasted 21 days and four hours as we went on a bear hunt, and I've hard gotten out of the hunting mode from this “trip of a lifetime” for us.
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DC Council trip bill balloons
You might get angry when you find out you paid for an entourage of public employes to go to Las Vegas. We told you the tab for some DC Councilmembers. Now WUSA9 reporter Jim Osman exposes how much it cost the taxpayers to take their staffs.
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How Acquire re-created Japan's Akihabara district in Akiba's Trip
The studio's nearly exact duplication of the famous geek-centric “Electric Town” is the sole location of the recently released PlayStation 3 and PS Vita action-role-playing game Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed. I recently discussed the effort it …
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